Bye Bye Shakey'sMade a trip to the park today on the last regular operating day and they have started work on the area that will be the 2017 location of Chick-Fil-A.  If you were a fan of Shakey’s, well, those days are over and their tasty sliders are going to be replaced with an average chicken sandwich.  So sad.

Good news is a much needed larger restroom will be going into this Pioneer Frontier Area.

Also seen on this trip is the new home of the Red Baron newly concreted and sporting the ride’s central support.

Red Baron's new home in front of Fahrenheit

And of course progress on the Triple Towers area, former home of the Flying Falcon.

Triple Towers Construction

There was a sign at the entrance to the park that the Our Friends from the Sea Show was canceled due to having moved the animals during construction.

Hersheypark's Flying Falcon

It is only fitting that my first post on this new website be about Hersheypark.  For seven years I ran and heavily featured Hersheypark, one of my favorite places on Earth.  All good things must come to an end, but here I am with a whole new place to post Hersheypark goodies.

This one though is bittersweet.  Hersheypark announced earlier this year that they will be adding Triple Drop Towers for 2017.  While this is all well and good, they had to put them somewhere – and that somewhere was where the Flying Falcon, Frog Hopper, Convoy and Red Baron rides were located near Kissing Tower Hill.

The day after Labor Day demolition began and I visited on Saturday, September 10th and took these photos.

Hersheypark Flying Falcon Removal Hersheypark Triple Tower Construction 20160910-hp-triple-tower-construction

The 3 kiddie rides will be finding new homes in the park (the Red Baron’s spot is already being made ready near the milk can game in Pioneer Frontier as you can see below) but Falcon is being moved into storage.

Hersheypark Red Baron New Location

HISTORY LESSON: There is a cement plaque at the base of the Falcon’s enclosure which houses the only Starlight Arcade piece left in the park.  You can see the plaque pretty well in the lead photo.  I am hoping it gets to stay or at least they salvage it.  The Starlight Arcade was a Who’s Who of visitors to Hersheypark in the ’70s and 80’s. Located where the statue of Milton Hershey is now, there was a lighted arcade with cement markers showing hand prints of famous folk who visited beginning with The Osmonds.  The plaque at the base of Falcon was for the Blue Angels fighter squad.  The Starlight Arcade was removed in 2002.

Hersheypark Blue Angels Cement Star

A Huss Condor ride, the Falcon was a beautiful ride to watch at night with its light package.  Though I would never dare ride it (yep, chicken… I am) it was fascinating to see. Rumor has it that Hershey will refurbish it and reinstall it at a later time.  There aren’t many of them left in operation so hopefully we will see it again.

Below is a video of the Falcon from Youtube that is a lot better than any of the video I managed to get.